More GPS

On Tuesday I went with Bill to take more GPS points on the slopes of Kokkinokremos. It started off on the plain below, but we soon worked our way up to the steeper slopes. As we wandered around, I was reminded of Dimitri calling Bill a “mountain goat” for some reason and I have to admit that was a good description of him yesterday. He just kept walking and never slowed down. He would hop from rock to rock and never hesitate. Me, on the other hand, I was more like the turtle. Wherever Bill went that looked slippery, I made sure to take my time – I did not want a repeat of my first week’s slide down a slop scraping up my leg. While we were working on the plain below Kokkinokremos we came to an area I had not walked over since 2004, our first full field season. Even Bill remembered this spot. For some reason that day I was having a contest with the IUP students (Sarah, Brian, and Kevin) over who would see the most sherds and we were in our last unit with me being behind and there was absolutely no pottery in this area and the trash talking had already started on their part. Then with only 5 feet to go in my transect, I stepped up a small slope to the edge of a road and this is what I saw.


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