Pottery Palooza

I know that I promised some pictures, but I have not had time to download them from my camera yet, maybe tonite. We now have less than 2 work weeks left in the field season and things are getting hectic. It is at this stage in the project that we realize that we will not be able to finish everything we had hoped or planned to do, and we need to prioritize what is most important. For me that is the pottery. On Sunday Brandon and I went up to Athienou and looked at their survey pottery all day (8-6). I was able to look at about half of it and will look at the rest next Sunday. At the museum this morning I took stock of how much PKAP pottery is left waiting to be read. The disconcerting answer is…a fair bit. It will be tight to get all of it read, before Friday June 20th, my last work day on the island.

The rest of the project (excavation, GPS Survey, and Intensive Survey) is going well and the PKAP team has found a way to relax after dinner, sort of. The Cataclysmos starts Friday but the booths, food places, and rides have been setting up for a few days and one of the ones already set up is a bumper car ride. These bumper cars are different from most in the US, these are faster and with less padding – so this makes them more dangerous and correspondingly more fun since you can deliver quite a hit with them. The PKAP students and a few staff members went down last night and had quite a good time, even though there are some bruises and welts in evidence today. As the old man of the project, I emerged unscathed…so far.


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