Catching Up on Things

Things have begun to speed up for us here at PKAP. We reached the point where it feels like things are moving at their own pace and that we have to hurry up to finish all that we are hoping to do. On Wednesday we continued to work on the test trenches on Vigla and Kokkinokremos and finished up some intensive surveying on the back ridges. Thursday, for me, was a long day at the museum where I started analyzing some of Dr. Maria Hadjicosti’s pottery from her 1999 small excavation down on Koutsopetria. Today we had some visitors from Athienou (Mike Tomazou, Derek Counts, Nick Kardulias, and Matthew Speigelman). I was happy to have them stop by for lunch since over the years they have always invited us up to their site for fabulous dinners. After lunch, I took them on a brief tour of our site and showed them what we were doing and planned to do. I’ll try to get some pictures up this weekend and fill in some more details – especially on the Cataclysmos, which even though it officially starts next Friday has already started.


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