Monday and Tuesday

Trying to catch up here. Let’s see, on Monday I was part of a survey team that worked on the northern part of the Vigla region. We explored twenty 40 by 40 meter grid squares. We were able to do this quite quickly since these units had little or no vegetation and very few artifacts. In looking at the artifacts we collected, very few will be helpful since most are this orange coarseware that you see in our area over many different periods. There were only 2 pieces that holf the promise of being sometyhing nicer than a coarseware storage vessel, but they need to be washed before we can be sure.

On Tuesday we started up the 3D scanner at the museum and it looks like it could be quite useful. We did learn one lesson, temperature affects the color of the scan in a pretty drastic fashion – somebody opened the door to the storeroom we wree working in and you could feel this draft of warm air blow through the room and that particular pass on the 3D scanner came out discolored, a dark purple. I will try to post some of the scans in the next day or so, I need to figure out how to do that.


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