A Lazy Sunday

Sunday was a day off for everyone. We had several different staff meetings to establish the teams for the upcoming week, etc. – but it was mainly a day for people to catch up on paperwork and other projects. I had several different projects I worked on, but the fun one was testing out our 3D scanner. I brought over a NextEngine desktop 3D Scanner to test out. I hooked it up and played with it a bit, to limited success. Fortunately, Jessie Freas (an IUP anthropology student) came by and took over. She worked with it before it left IUP and seems to have a flair for using it that eludes me. It is funny how everyone that came by my room commented on how cool the lasers looked – so at least it looks good. Hopefully, it will produce results that people think look cool, not just the laser show. It will get its first test at the museum on Tuesday.


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