GPS and more GPS

Today was an interesting day for PKAP. The excavations started on Vigla and Kokkinokremos this afternoon, so everyone was pretty excited and I would suggest reading other PKAP staff members’ blogs. I was on GPS duty with Bill and Bret. We continued to add in points as we slowly create a new topographic map of our region. We spent most of our time on the west slopes of Vigla and it was very hot. The west side of the slopes were protected from the wind and so it was very hot and still. The slope was also a bit slippery and I slid down once. I made the mistake of wearing shorts instead of long pants and scraped my leg up a bit. I thought about including a picture of it, but it looks a lot worse than it is, as scrapes often do. Anyway, we feel very good about our progress and since everyone is still pretty excited, we are going to put in a long half day tomorrow. We will see how long the enthusiasm lasts, and soon people will start to wear out.


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