Doughnuts and Doctors

As I have mentioned before, doughnuts (an important food staple) are quite expensive on the island. To be fair, the dollar’s low value against the Euro means that most things on the island are expensive. For example gas is $6.53 a gallon, a 1 liter bottle of soda is $2.32, and a doughnut is $2.79.

Today, however, I found something that was both less expensive and surprising. One of the project members has had a medical issue that we eventually felt needed to be looked at by a doctor to be safe. We obtained the number of a local doctor and called him up to see if we could find a way to see him. He said that he would be by in an hour, which he did, and then only charged us 45 Euros for the housecall, or US $69.75. He was also very helpful and very friendly. Fortunately everything with the project member turned out to be ok and we I know that even if I keep eating expensive doughnuts, the healthcare I will need from eating the doughnuts will be inexpensive, and friendly.


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