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It has been hard to find time to blog lately. We have had lots of busy days. Yesterday, we took the students to Paphos (mosaics and Paul’s Pillar), Ayios Georgios (basilica), and Ayios Neophytos (monastery). We left at 7O00 AM and got back to the Petrou Brothers at 6:30. Then Bill and I grabbed the R8 and went out to the site and took some GPS points on the flags Michael Brown had put in to mark the geophysical tracts. We finished up about 7:30 and made it back to the hotel just in time for dinner.

Today, we introduced the students to the museum and the procedures we use for processing the artifacts.After they left the museum I spent some time catching up on my pottery analysis and worked up to lunch time. After lunch Bill and I went back out and started the GPS work on Vigla. We took quite a few points, but after a while stopped to help Michael Brown and David Pettegrew pay out our trenches for excavation – 2 on Vigla and 2 on Kokkinokremos. This was really important to finish since Dr. Maria Hadjicosti is coming down from Nicosia tomorrow to see where we want to excavate. It is quite strange looking since the trenches are all out in the middle of nowhere with no noticeable features around them. Since they are based on the geophysical work, however, we feel pretty confident that they are in the best spots for our work.


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