1st Full PKAP Week Draws to a Close

Our first full week of work at PKAP is now drawing to a close. We have been low in numbers, but that has all changed. We picked up 2 more people from the airport last night, 2 came in a little while ago, and 7 more are due before sunrise tomorrow. We have expanded out to 4 rooms here at Petrou Brothers and will soon have 4 rental cars. Having more people will be both positive and negative. On one hand we will now have the manpower to accomplish a lot of tasks, including fieldwork. The downside is the logistical issues a large group raises, and at are peak we will be 20 people. This becomes quite difficult to manage in 2 areas, food preparation and transportation. When we go places we look like one of the motorcades for important people, minus the motorbikes. Food preparation also becomes harder because of the limited cooking facilities at Petrou. We have small refrigerators for storage, slightly larger than dorm refrigerators, and hotplates and electric grills to cook with. This year, this headache belongs to a colleague of Bill’s from UND who has agreed to come over and shop, cook, and manage things at the hotel for us. This has relieved me of one of my heavier burdens, since it was always difficult to do work and shop/cook for the project.


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