A Somewhat Slow Saturday

Today has been somewhat of a slow day. We got up and went to visit the Idalion Museum and found out that they were closed on Saturdays and Sundays. It was a nice drive though, and my colleague Nick Karatjas got a chance to see some of the Cypriot countryside. Since we need to buy some excavation supplies, we went to a hardware store and Bill and I argued about the suitability of the shovels. He kept insisting on buying the shovel heads separate from the handles, while I felt that if they were already assembled they were still fine. Anyway, after much discussion and sarcastic commentary we decided to move on to grocery shopping at Carrefour. I am still a bit in sticker shock over prices, the low exchange rate of the dollar is really hurting us financially this year. We also visited the local fruit market and bought some items for a salad. After a simple, but filling lunch, Bill and I had a meeting at Starbucks (he had coffee while I had a chocolate dream frappachino) where we worked on the rooming arrangements and car rental situation. This actually went very well and I feel better organized now. Later today I need to do some database work and print out some forms and if I accomplish that it will have been a very productive day.


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