PKAP Day 2

Today was my first full day in Cyprus. We met with the guys from the British Base at Dhekelia and went over basic procedures about doing work on the base. After that meeting, which went very well with everyone being very friendly, we went shopping at Carrefour for a few basic things. I noticed again today how much Larnaka has changed in the last year, lots of new stores. Then we embarked on an adventure to find a laser printer which we weren’t sure we would be able to track down on our own. We drove by a ComputerCentre store and decided to stop, then we found we couldn’t get into the store because they had just laid down new concrete at the entrance to the store. It was weird, the door was open and the sign said open, but the cement was too soft to walk on – I checked it with a toe. At our second store, we actually found a laser printer for only 75 euros. Success! Anyway, the rest of the day has been and will be devoted to computer work. Oh, and my bags? …..Still haven’t showed up yet, hopefully they will soon.


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