Sudden Realization

The countdown to my leaving for Cyprus stands at 5 days. I realized today that I need to work hard if I am going to be ready to leave next Tuesday. This morning I talked to Bill on the phone, called David, and then met my students to divide up supplies. Fortunately this year, between my students and David’s students, we have 7 students who can help carry supplies to Cyprus. I then had lunch with a colleague who is coming to Cyprus for a week to visit family and checkout our project. This afternoon I spent some time scanning in stuff I will need in Cyprus and tonite I worked on logistics. The week before leaving for Cyprus is always so busy and then the first few days in Cyprus (before everybody arrives) seem to be very calm.

On the Second Life front, a few minor things to report. First, I was given an IUP Senate grant to facilitate the construction of ancient Greek and Roman buildings on Archaeology Island. Second, Archaeology Island is nearing completion and should be open to the public soon. Finally, there was an interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Wired Campus that addresses Second Life – "Co-Founder of Second Life Says Academics Are Biggest Trailblazers in Virtual Worlds."


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