T-Minus 6 Days

Sorry for missing yesterday, but the days are getting more and more packed between graduation upcoming and gathering up my supplies for Cyprus. I am always paranoid that I will forget something crucial. Today I practiced with the 3D scanner and finally decided to bring it to Cyprus for a tryout. I came to this decision because I have an undergraduate anthropology student who agreed to haul it to Cyprus for me, and I am going to bring an extra laptop for running it so that we can have a separate GIS  laptop. I also talked to a former PKAP student who is now working on her MA in Geography at IUP. She has a project that she would like us to gather data for this summer, so we spent some time talking about where she wanted the data collected from. She is interested in line of sight and from how far away structures on Vigla would have been visible.

As a non-Twitter user, I keep finding lots of mentions of Twitter in the news. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Wired Campus has another article about it – "Twittering During a Campus Lockdown." I guess I ought to join. So…..I actually just took a minute and joined. Now I need to find some friends on Twitter and that may be the hard thing for me, due to a lack of friends and technologically savvy ones at that.



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