End of exams

I spent some time today tying up loose ends by grading some exams, finishing some paperwork, and straightening up my office. I also started getting my computers ready for travel to Cyprus. My laptop has had some minor issues and bugs. I have managed to fix most of these issues by running a few utilities and have also started clearing off hard drive space. Tomorrow I plan on checking for updates and installing a few new programs for GIS work. I am also going to practice some more with my GeoXH and Trimble Terrasync in the back yard, and work with manipulating the data. On Monday I will work on setting up my extra laptop as the project’s laptop and make sure it works with the 3D scanner. I am starting to feel like I am running out of time before I leave.

Things I am now checking everyday when I log on:

Days before I leave for Cyprus: 11
Exchange Rate for Euro: $1.54 (a good downward trend)
High in Larnaka, Cyprus today: 75 Fahrenheit


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