Emerging Cypriot Now Complete

The final episode of Emerging Cypriot, PKAP’s 2nd documentary, is now available for viewing on-line. This episode, "A Note about Survey," is the most unusual of all our archaeological shorts – it is the most light-hearted short, and serves to remind us that while we are doing research, we are also having fun. Some of this fun, was provided in musical format by a University of New Hampshire graduate student Brice Pierce. (For more about Brice and his band Drake’s Folly, check out their Myspace page). Brice was an IUP undergraduate, and a student in one of my very first classes at IUP.


I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, some more willingly than others. This project was made possible through the generous financial support of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of North Dakota’s Office of University Relations. Special thanks needs to go to Joe Patrow of PatrowVisual, the creative mind that designed and shot this project, and Dr. Bill Caraher, the driving force behind this archaeological documentary.


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