Today was a day devoted to GIS/GPS. I started my day with a phone conversation with Bill about our GIS plans for the summer. We made some decisions about computer and software needs. Our biggest decision (in my mind) was that we will go with Terrasync instead of ArcPAd for our Geo XH handheld. This afternoon I went with a colleague in Anthropology down to Blairsville and used the R8 to take GPS readings on her summer field school site. While she practiced with the R8 I tried to take points with the Geo XH in Terrasync. I quickly learned one valuable lesson, it is not like ArcPad and I will have to take some time and read the manual for it. I hate doing that, I always feel that I should be able to pick up a program without much work, but I can’t afford to make mistakes with our data, so off to the manual I go.


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