IUP winding down, PKAP starting up

Sorry for the break in posting, but the end of the semester is always a very busy time. The end of the spring semester also signals for me a change from IUP focus to PKAP focus. My committees are finished meeting for the year and, other than massive amounts of grading, there are only a few administrative things to take care of. PKAP, on the other hand, takes up more of my time each day. Take today for example.

  • I started off my morning with a series of emails sent back and forth with Bill on various PKAP issues.
  • Then I went to IUP and talked to a colleague in the geography department about some settings in Survey Controller and ArcPad versus Trimble Terrasync for the upcoming field season.
  • Next I went and visited my college tech support staff to have them reinstall ArcGIS for this summer – my current version was crashing as I exited it, and I was worried that this was a sign of things to come.
  • Then I got an email from Bill about the PKAP 2008 reader and agreed to be in charge of distributing it to the staff and volunteers and spent some time setting that up.
  • After finishing this, I went talked to a former PKAP volunteer who wants to go with us again next year, but wants me to collect certain data for her this summer for a geography project she is currently working on for her masters.
  • When I got back to my office David called me with a quick question.
  • After I got off the phone with David I spent some time looking for an inexpensive photoboard with no luck.
  • When I got home I found that both UPS and FedEx had dropped off packages with PKAP equipment I ordered last week – gotta luv the internet.
  • Later in the afternoon I set up a phone conversation with Bill for tomorrow morning my time – early afternoon Greek time to talk GIS issues.
  • Tonite I took a call from Brandon and we talked about lots of PKAP issues.
  • Finally, I spent more time looking for a photoboard – still no luck.

So, as you can see lots of small PKAP issues are cropping up, and it is my signal that I leave for Cyprus in only 2 weeks – the summer field season is almost here.


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