Orders, Orders, Orders

I have been putting off ordering the majority of the PKAP supplies until we finalized our list and some of my funds came through. Well, this happened yesterday so for the last 24 hours I have been ordering, ordering, ordering. It is at a time like this that my appreciation for the Internet grows. I have been able to find practically everything we need on-line, and usually I can even comparison shop – except for some of the more specialized items. A procrastinator like myself would have been in trouble without the ability to complete my shopping on-line in the late hours of the night. The only drawback to this is that to order these items on-line I have to create an account with a password and email address. My amount of incoming spam will grow exponentially over the next few weeks due to this spending binge, this happens every summer after I order supplies. The problem is that I don’t use my primary email for these accounts and often forget to check on the other email account for weeks, resulting in exploding email inboxes. I am down to my last items which are requiring some searching to find, so that will be my primary task tomorrow between student conferences.


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