Episode 12

Episode 12 of Emerging Cypriot, "Sightseeing," is now available for viewing on-line. This archaeological short deals with one aspect of our attempt at being a field school, taking students to visit other archaeological sites on the island. On one hand, my desire to do this stems from having


participated on an archaeological project in the Mediterranean where we never were given the opportunity to see other sites and I think it is wrong to miss out on the opportunity to broaden your experiences. On the other hand, all three of us (Bill, David, and myself) participated for a number of years in the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia where Tim Gregory’s summer programs included a very good site visitation component. I also think that visiting other sites is important for 2 other reasons: 1) Visiting comparable archaeological sites it can help the students gain insights into our survey area; and 2) it will help the students better appreciate Cypriot culture and better relate to Cypriots. Reason 2 is why we do not only visit Late Roman sites, but try to visit a variety of sites from different periods.



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