Semester winding down

I realized today that there are only 2 weeks of classes left before exams begin here at IUP. Everything seems to be winding down and yet speeding up at the same time. I sat down and made a list of the important items/events that I need to get done this week:

  • Meet with my Digital History sections – they are working on their wiki entries and it is actually starting to look pretty good. I am very interested in seeing the finished project.
  • Committee Meetings – University Graduate Curriculum Committee, Department meeting, 2 Honors College meetings, and a meeting about the university’s new web design.
  • PKAP work – order more supplies, rework our hotel reservations (some people’s dates have changed), finalize car rentals, and perhaps….perhaps design a t-shirt.
  • Poster Creation – I need to make 2 posters for Wednesday’s Research Appreciation luncheon, 1 for PKAP and 1 for IUP archaeology in Second Life.



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