Let the ordering begin

Our week of brainstorming at PKAP is over and we have finalized many of our plans. Our wiki really helped us gather our PKAP documents into one place that allowed us to track changes and always be on the same page, so to speak. My job now, is to order various items we need (trowels, paraloid, calipers, scales, bags, etc.). It always takes a bit of time to track down the items we need since there is no one central website/company that sells all the products we need. This searching for equipment always emphasizes to me how much archaeology borrows from other fields, particularly when I visit websites of forestry companies, carpentry shops, photography companies, and paper companies. So at my house for the next few weeks it will be like Christmas as the FedEx and UPS guy drop off packages every day. The only drawback is the fact that all this stuff will have to be carried to Cyprus in some way.


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