Another Rant

Ok, it has been a while since my last rant (at least in this blog), which was back in January. So I am well overdue for another. Today’s rant involves cell phones. I was out recently having dinner when a cell phone went off in the restaurant with an extremely loud and obnoxious ring tone. Then a woman two tables away answered the phone and began carrying on a conversation with someone at the top of her lungs. This went on for a good 10 minutes.Why do people do this? Is it too hard to speak quietly or to go outside? She was so loud that it was hard to hear people at my table talk. If your cell phone service is so bad that you have to yell to be heard, get a new provider! It reminded me of a sitcom episode I saw a few years ago where when this happened, the main character of the show turned to the loud cell phone talker and joined in the conversation, totally freaking out the person. I should do this next time and maybe I will.


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