Archiving and Copyright

We had a PKAP meeting in SL today and it went pretty well. We set some deadlines and made some decisions, so I feel that we can move forward with certain tasks, such as ordering supplies.

Meeting_4_001 On a different note there was an interesting article in the Chronicle’s Wired Campus Newsletter yesterday – "Copyright Scholars and Experts Offer Advice on Archiving in the Digital Age." This is an appropriate topic for my Digital History class since we have been talking about scanning and archiving materials. The article talks about the need for changing copyright law to allow museums and libraries to capture and preserve content, and is the result of three years of work. I am going to ask my classes to read the final document that the scholars sent to the librarian of Congress and the register of copyrights entitled "The Section 108 Study Group Report." Did I say ask to read? I meant assign as homework.


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