PKAP SL Conference Again?

Well, my panic attacks over PKAP matters (rooms, costs, supplies, etc.) have not subsided (in fact they are getting worse), so I emailed my co-directors Bill Caraher and David Pettegrew and asked them to meet me for another PKAP meeting in Second Life. It really has been quite helpful for us to meet in SL and discuss project matters. Bill set up a wiki for the project and we have been using that quite a bit and it was a great idea to set it up. However, since I am fairly concerned over a number of different issues, I want immediate feedback from Bill and David, as well as some give and take, and a wiki doesn’t really allow for that – but SL does. The hardest part was finding a time that worked for all 3 of us, but we are shooting for tomorrow afternoon. Before the meeting I need to make out an agenda of the issues I want us to discuss. I also need to rerun the budget and see how it has changed, fortunately the Euro has remained fairly steady and hasn’t climbed past $1.60…..yet.


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