This week in Digital History we are discussing scanning and putting texts on-line. We have a couple of different scanners in the lab and hopefully have a few more on the way. So far, very few of my students have scanned anything and those that have, have only scanned photos. We talked about OCR and looked at a few sites who have put historical texts on-line. I also gave them time to work as a group on their class project. Each of the three sections of students is going to create a section of a wiki devoted to digital history and technology at IUP. They are still deciding on their topics, but are leaning towards:

  • Information Literacy
  • Technology at IUP (email, library, computer labs)
  • Instructional Tools (WebCT, Second Life)

They have to let me know their final decision this week and I will let you know what they decide. Monday’s class spent a lot of time arguing about it and did not seem to come to any consensus.


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