Fruit Crates

Episode 6 of Emerging Cypriot is now available on-line. This PKAP short, "Fruit Crates," deals with several of our students being sent out on an errand for the project. One of our most important storage units is the ubiquitous plastic fruit crate, an item in plentiful abundance on the island.


While there seems to be fruit crates on every corner in Larnaca, you have to purchase them from their current owners for 3 Cypriot pounds, or more in some cases. At least once a season we come to the realization that we need more fruit crates for storing our pottery in. This always seems to be a  great exercises for a team of students. We give them directions to the city market, some cash, and wish them luck. Once they leave, we make predictions on: 1) how long they will be gone; 2) how many fruit crates they will come back with, if any; and 3) how much money they will spend on the crates. While this exercise provides a great deal of amusement for the rest of us (particularly since some of the stories they come back with are hilarious), it hopefully teaches the students several items. First, it gives them a chance to move out of their comfort zone by venturing into Larnaca without a senior staff member leading them. Second, they get a chance to interact with Cypriots who aren’t associated with the museum or hotel. Third, they hopefully realize that archaeology is not always neat and organized. There are always going to be situations where we have to find a way to solve an unforeseen problem using what we have available to us in Cyprus. Fourth, did I say it is fun to watch what happens?



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