Long Day

Today was a long day for me, especially considering it was a day off. I was scheduled to go to Precision Laser, my local Trimble dealer, to pick up some equipment that we had ordered that had come in recently. The drawback to this was that the store is located in Ambridge, PA, which is on the far side of Pittsburgh from Indiana. I left my house at 6:30 and it took until 9:15 to get there. The traffic in Pittsburgh was extremely crowded and slow. Since my morning commute to work in Indiana is about 2 minutes, I am out of practice from driving in a crowded city. Anyway, once I got there, Don gave me a refresher on using the Trimble R8 – which really helped. When I got back to Indiana this afternoon, I practiced some more with the R8 and I feel pretty capable in my abilities to operate it this summer. Tonite I have been practicing with the Trimble software and trying to import the survey data from the Trimble controller into ArcGIS. The key word here is "trying" – Trimble and ArcGIS do not play well together. I am calling it quits on the software for now and will work some more on it tomorrow.


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