GPS work this week

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I took a few days off to watch some college basketball and relax. I have several PKAP related issues to address this week, many of them deal with GPS/GIS issues. For example, I am heading off to Pittsburgh tomorrow to pick up some new GPS equipment that came in for us, including Trimble GeoXH handhelds. While I am there, Don (our Trimble rep) is going to give me a refresher course in using our Trimble R8, our surveying instrument. He gave us training on it last summer when it came in, but the geography department has been using it since then and I have not had a chance to practice with it. On Wednesday, Brandon Olson (a grad student at Penn State and a PKAP staff member is going to drive over and I am going to teach him what I know (about 5 minutes or so probably). Then we are going to survey my parents’ yard for practice. David Pettegrew was going to drive over with Brandon but he decided to pass since he felt he needed to catch up on some work during break.

Trimble RSM

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