Latest PKAP feature now available

Our latest archaeological short feature, "Basecamp," is now available for viewing on-line. This episode from Emerging Cypriot focuses on a non-archaeological aspect of the project – the trials and tribulations of putting 20 people together in a confined space. One one hand, this experience can be quite beneficial for the students in that they get to interact with senior staff in a way that is not possible in a classroom. I think it can be particularly effective when they see Bill, David, Dimitri, and me trying to solve a problem (arguing), discussing an aspect of the project, or just talking about ancient history. While at first they are pretty quiet, they eventually jump right into our discussions – for better or for worse.


The flip side to this is that when you put 15-20 people together in close quarters, away from home, with strangers – you can have personality issues. We have been fortunate so far that we have not had any major problems….plenty of minor ones….but no biggies.


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