PKAP Notes

Today was a busy day, which meant I did not had much of a chance to think of something to write about. So I thought I would give a quick update on a few PKAP related items:

  • I have been gathering up equipment I need to bring to Cyprus this summer. I know it seems early to be worrying about this, but this gives me plenty of time to test the equipment, clean it, order replacement parts and batteries, and get a good idea of how heavy my luggage will be when it is all packed up.
  • British Air responded to my earlier email to them explaining how our project needed lots of equipment this summer and what were my options for getting this equipment to Cyprus. Unfortunately, their email was less than helpful and merely referred me to their webpages on excess baggage.
  • I ordered a few books on Cyprus archaeological projects from on-line book stores last week. When these come in, I will photocopy some of the pages showing their Late Roman pottery forms and add them to my notebooks I use for comparanda.
  • I am trying to set up a PKAP get together sometime after Spring Break (maybe in early April) for both current and past PKAP volunteers from IUP.
  • David Pettegrew and Brandon Olson are going to drive over late next week so we can practice with our new GPS equipment. They will be spending the night, so I will get to show them the city-life of Indiana, PA – a real, happening town – particularly during Spring Break.


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