Digital History SL Intro

Today I gave a demo on Second Life to the Monday section of my Digital History class. I thought this would be a good break for the class from working in the lab, and they have a midterm this week they need to take on-line. It actually went quite well, the class had lots of questions and seemed impressed. I showed them Vassar’s Island, NASA, Crimson Island, and the items we are working on for Archaeology Island. They did ask me how many other historians in my department have tried SL – I told them that I wasn’t sure, but I only knew of one other person in my department. I did give them one assignment for our next meeting, which is 2 weeks away – Spring Break is finally. They have to navigate into SL, find Crimson Island, and offer friendship to me. I was pleased to see that two students actually accomplished this task within a few hours of the class.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to give a SL demo to another faculty/staff committee on campus. It seems like I have given a SL demo to every group on campus. I expect people to start fleeing from me when they see me coming into their meeting with my laptop. Oh, and to save someone from emailing me with it, yes, I am sure they have many other reasons for not wanting to be in a committee meeting with me.


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