This week in Digital History

This week in my Digital History class I intend to introduce them formally to Second Life. Many of them have tried to create an account, but very few have made it into SL. In an effort to try to encourage them to persevere, I have decided that the best way to do this is by giving the students a demonstration using my avatar. My current plan is to show them IUP’s Crimson Island, IUP Archaeology Island, and Vassar’s Sistine Chapel. So, this week instead of meeting in the history lab, we will meet in a regular classroom so I can use a digital projector. For their homework this week I intend to ask them to reach Crimson Island, we will see how well that works.

If you have a few minutes to spare, CNET is holding their 2008 Webware 100, an awards contest where you can vote for your favorite webware (web software) in many different categories. I find that this is always a good place to browse since it gives me the opportunity to read about, and explore new software that I may not have heard about yet. While many of the finalists are tried and true standard apps (Internet Explorer, Amazon, etc.), they are always new things to test out.


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