SL Exploration

I had a CHSS (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) Tech Committee Meeting today. At the meeting we voted to ask our Dean to purchase an island for our college. The Dean has indicated in the past that he would look favorably on this request and if it goes through, this would be IUP’s 5th island. Since this got me thinking about SL, I realized that it had been a while since I had searched SL for historical sites and I decided to see what I could find. I started out looking for medieval sites and there are a lot of SL sites that are medieval themed, but I did not see any that were historical. I then found a site devoted to Vikings – Viking Times. The site described itself as a "study in Viking architecture and culture." While not very large, it was interesting to walk around and look at. It had a small outside area


with a small trading vessel and some basic implements. The majority of the site was a museum designed to look like a long house with numerous artifacts inside. This was nicely done and enjoyable to walk around. My only complaint was that it would have been helpful to have some signs or notecards explaining the different artifacts.



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