Dreary Tuesday

Today was a dreary Tuesday in Indiana, PA – wet, slushy, and a cold rain falling for most of the day that has now turned into snow. This week my Digital History class is talking more about information literacy. I asked them to define information literacy in class and they really struggled trying to find words to describe a term that they all seemed to feel that they knew. It is interesting that while universities are always talking about improving their students’ information literacy, at least at IUP it does not seem to be working. I then had the students look on the web for websites that felt helped them better understand the concept of information literacy. Almost all of them relied on the ACRL (Association of Colleges and Research Libraries) Information Literacy website. We had a pretty interesting class discussion and I felt good about what they learned.

Allow me to post a followup to my last posting on the PKAP Tshirts. When I finished the post yesterday, I closed Typepad and opened up Outlook and checked my email. I was stunned to find a comment already posted on my posting from an unnamed history department colleague. He offered to help me out with the Tshirt design by putting me in touch with a friend that is good at designing Tshirts – an offer I intend to take him up on. He also finished his comment with "I don’t know much about art, but they [the tshirt design] suck. Ouch.


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