Random Thoughts

As we get closer to the summer fieldseason, we are trying to 1) create lists of needed equipment; 2) buy, beg or borrow said equipment; and 3) find a way to get the equipment from the US to Cyprus. For a change, we actually have access to lots of equipment. The departments of history, anthropology, and geography have been writing collaborative grants for a few years and finally have been fortunate to win several grants (both internal and external) to purchase equipment. As I talked to David Pettegrew, I realized how far PKAP has come in the last few years. We now have access to laptops, digital cameras, GPS handhelds, GPS survey units, GPR units, and 3D scanners. Our bigger problem is getting it all to Cyprus. I have tried to contact British Air via email to see if they have any suggestions on how to ferry this equipment to Cyprus, but have not heard from them. It would not be so bad if the equipment was only going one-way, but it all has to come back since we share the equipment with other departments at IUP.

My other project is to design a project T-shirt. It falls to me to do it since nobody else will. The problem is that while nobody else volunteers to design it, they all have criticisms of the finished project. So if you have any suggestions……



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