www.pkap.org – Up and Running, Sort of

It looks like the new address for PKAP (www.pkap.org) is up and running, sort of. It looks like most pages are working, a few are still not fixed completely, but I will get to them over the weekend. My biggest problem is that the navigation bar isn’t working quite right in Internet Explorer. It works fine in Firefox, but not in IE 7. The drop-down menu works but the top bar links don’t go anywhere. The cursor acts like a link is present, but that is all. I’ll try again to fix it tomorrow.


PKAP also added another archaeological short, "An Artifact’s Journey," to our Emerging Cypriot documentary web-page. This short film follows an artifact from its discovery in the in the field, through cleaning, analysis, and cataloguing stages. This is my favorite short from last summer. I really think it does a good job of showing how artifacts are moved through the various stages and how many people are involved in the process.


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