PKAP Website Migration

I got an email from my college technical support staff late this afternoon letting me know that they had moved the PKAP website from its old location ( to its new home at On one hand, this is good news and I have been wondering when this would happen. On the other hand, when they moved the site this broke a lot of the links, including the navigation bar. This is a minor problem in that I just need to login to the site and fix some of the pages. Well, I hope it is minor, the navigation bar took a lot of time to get it to work at the old site, so we will see what happens. The problem is that they did not give me the information I need to login to the new site and so I can’t make any changes until they answer my email, which they will hopefully do tomorrow when they get in to work. I hope to be able to fix the website by Monday, but we will see how much I can get done. I also need to put in a redirect at the old site and update Google Analytics. In addition, Sam Fee has offered to help us upgrade the website and make it more visually appealing.


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