Outsourced to the Professionals

First, let me thank those of you who submitted suggestions on websites to visit to improve my scanning ability. I spent some time last night trying to stitch together several scans with little luck, unless crashing a computer repeatedly is good luck. Bill Caraher emailed me and suggested sending the illustrations to Grand Forks where he could have them scanned at Kinkos. Since I am reluctant to put them in the mail, and maybe it is unfair to imagine the worst when it comes to the mail, I decided to call around town and see if I could track down someone with a larger scanner. It turns out that our local Staples can scan items up to 36" wide – and for a reasonable price. I dropped by there this afternoon and they actually did it while I waited, and they did a good job.


Speaking of scanning, a small IUP technology grant came through late last week and today I ordered a NextEngine 3-D scanner. It should be here in a couple of weeks and that gives me a chance to practice with it some before the summer. I am really looking forward to experimenting with the scanner and obtaining some proficiency with it before dragging it over to Cyprus.

We are trying to set up a mini-PKAP meeting over my spring break in early March. I have been talking to David Pettegrew (Messiah College) and Brandon Olson (Penn State University) and seeing if we can coordinate a day when they can drive over to Indiana. The goal is for us to practice with our new Trimble R8 and Trimble GeoXHs to make sure that we, especially me, can use them correctly. I had an initial training session on it last summer but need a refresher.


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