Scanning and more scanning

Today I continued my organizational kick by scanning more PKAP items. The scanning of data sheets is going well, just slowly. The scanning of illustrations, however, is a different matter and has not been without setbacks. I’ll share the major setback – in my effort to rearrange my desk so that the scanner had more room for the large mylar sheets I was scanning, I moved the scanner to the corner of my desk and left it hanging a few inches over the edge. Since it seemed stable (and this is where I did not think this all the way through), I started scanning and when the scanning head started moving across the flatbed it caused the scanner to fall off the desk ripping out cords as it crashed to the floor. After about a minute of expressing my feelings on this matter to the computer, the desk, and the scanner – I set it back up and all seems ok. The other problem is that some of the illustrations of the Late roman wall we discovered this summer are rather large, about 3 feet long, and I do not have access to a large format scanner, at least one that will not charge me an arm and a leg. Our first season I spent about $150 having an engineering firm scan in our 1:5000 topo maps and that was with an educational discount.



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