Organizing and Organization

So, I came to a realization that I need to be better organized. Now this is not a new epiphany, it is one that occurs to me whenever I venture into my office at work, or my office at home. This time, unlike the others, I am serious about trying to become better organized. I really mean it this time, unlike the other times. I decided to start with the PKAP data since we are in serious planning mode for this summer. So, I broke this project up into 3 parts. For part 1, I have been trying to organize the PKAP photo database using IMatch 3.0. I have also been working on my personal slide collection which I have scanned into my work computer. So far it is going well, …..slow, ….but well. For part 2, I have  been trying to scan in all the PKAP data sheets (catalogue entries, unit sheets, and ceramic analysis sheets) and any illustrations that I have in my possession. I realized that I needed a refresher on scanning so I spent some time on the web seeing what sorts of tips and hints I could find. The best website I ran across was "A Few Scanning Tips," by Wayne Fulton which really clarified a few issues for me. For part 3, I have been trying to bring some order to all the computer files I have dealing with PKAP. The problem is that I have various copies on my home desktop, my laptop, my office computer, and my server space. I have been checking out various programs that will help me eliminate duplicate files and have decided to try out No Clone 2007. Once I get rid of duplicate files, I need to create a better file directory so that things will be easier to find. Anyway, I have high hopes for things right now, we’ll see if I can keep slogging away on this.


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