PKAP Planning and SL

So, we held another PKAP meeting in Second Life today. I am always impressed by how well these meetings go, we never really argue about anything and are almost always on the same page. The result of the meeting is that we have settled most of our planning issues and are really moving forward towards our field season. I feel very good about this upcoming season. I believe that we are in the best shape planning-wise that we have ever been in (knock on wood). Whether this translates to a successful fieldseason or not, we will see. My next goal is to organize the equipment and find a way to get it all safely to Cyprus. Currently, I am in charge of bringing over a Trimble R8, several Trimble GeoXHs, a transit, a 3-D scanner, several laptops, 2 digital cameras, and a digital camcorder. I need to speak to British Air and see if I can have this equipment shipped over, at a reasonable charge.


On another SL issue, my honors core class is really sticking it to me SL-wise. A group of them turned in a journal entry on a NY Times article – "The Job Interview, Starring Your Avatar." Their opening line to their journal entry was "While some people think that Second Life is for losers who have nothing better to do on a Friday night." Ouch. I intend to change their next two assignments and force them to at least visit SL and see what they think – it will probably make them worse, but we’ll see.


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