Sorry, under the weather

Today’s blog is going to be shorter than usual, and I know that they aren’t long to begin with. I seem to have come down with sort of illness, not sure if it is a cold or the flu, but I felt that I needed to go to school today to teach since I had one of my sections of digital history today. So, I lectured from a sitting position on the floor of the computer lab on website design and infrastructure. It sort of freaked the class out, but being propped against the wall felt ok – moving around was a different matter. I periodically asked them to put me out of my misery, but they refused. Anyway, what did I learn today? 1) Only 1 out of 8 had ever done any web work; 2) the majority could not name an html editor; and 3) After quizzing all 3 sections, 20 out of 24 students had their own computers and only 2 still use dial-up. Oh, and when I came into the lab, they were watching Super Bowl commercials on the Internet – so the ad companies are getting their 2.7 million dollars worth per commercial, I guess.

Finally, after my digital history class I had one more class – my Robert E. Cook Honors College Freshman Core class. We are discussing how historians understand art and are up to the Byzantines. Since I felt so bad, I showed part of a video that I really like – Byzantium: the Lost Empire by John Romer. I didn’t get a chance to see what the kids thought of it, but will ask again when I see them.


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