Archaeology Island Moving Forward

Today we met to talk about the progress on IUP’s Archaeology Island. Dr. Partridge has a new set of students working on the project and he wanted us (Dr. Chiarulli and me) to meet them. Just as last semester, his students are amazing in their ability. According to Dr. Partridge the construction on the site is coming along and he will begin scripting the interactive elements of the site soon.


We are also planning to create an Anthropology exhibit on Crimson Island. Dr. Sara Neusius, a faculty member in IUP’s department of Anthropology, is currently curating an exhibit "Indiana County Archaeology: Revealing the Native American Past" at IUP’s University Museum. The press release on IUP’s website says that:

  • The exhibition includes a model village and a life-size segment of a circular house interior. The exhibit also demonstrates how archaeologists work and learn about the past through excavation and the study of artifacts. This exhibition also will introduce the standard archaeological periods (Paleoindian, Archaic, and Woodland) for Eastern North America along with the artifacts that are representative of each time period; illustrate the painstaking nature of archaeological excavation and laboratory analysis; model what villages and structures built by the native inhabitants of Indiana County between AD 1000 and European contact appear to have been like; explain that native people of this era used cultivated corn, beans, squash as well as wild plants and animals; discuss the archaeologically defined Monongahela culture known from southwestern Pennsylvania at the end of Pre-Columbian times as well as the emerging probability that Indiana County marks a boundary between these people and other poorly known cultural groups to the north, and encourage responsible stewardship of Indiana County’s archaeological heritage so that we all can continue to learn about the native heritage in this area.

We are hoping to create a virtual exhibit in SL based on her work currently on display. We are going to work on it next week and hope to have it available to the public in about two weeks.


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