Ready to begin a new week

I am appreciative of the people who have offered to take the digital history pre-test. While I asked people to take it, I failed to provide directions on how to do just that. Go to and login using guest as both the id and the password. Then scroll down to HIST 279 and click on it. Then click on exams to take the test – sorry it is so convoluted.

I have gotten some feedback on the test. My students feel that it is too hard, but a few actually said that it made them realize that they had a lot to learn, or that they looked forward to learning about these things. Bill Caraher and Sebastian Heath also took the test and their feeling is that it might be too hard. I might have also tried to do too much with one test. Some of the test is focused on computer knowledge and the rest is focused on digital history and information literacy. I was worried about this problem when I created the test, and now realize that I should have focused on one or the other, but not all.

Tomorrow’s topic will be on searching the Internet and will be taught in our departmental computer lab….providing all the computers work.


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