Digital History, Class 1 – Part Deux

I met with the second section of my Digital History class today. It went pretty much like the first one. I have been grading the pretests for the first 2 sections and feel pretty good that I have an accurate idea of what they know and what they don’t know. I stressed to my students that I need them to take the pre-test seriously so that it is an accurate reflection of what their knowledge and abilities. They have been coming up with some creative answers to questions they do not know. My favorite answer so far is: Name a relational database –

I noticed that the subject of digital history had 3 sessions devoted to it at the recent American Historical Association annual meeting. I would have liked to attend the AHA but unfortunately the AIA and AHA annual meetings are usually held on the same dates – always a problem for ancient historians. I was happy to see, however, that AHA blog included a list of the presentations as well as links to some of the subjects discussed. The next best thing to being there?


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