Digital History Day 1, Section 1

I met with one of my sections of my new Digital History Class today. I spent some time just talking to them and asking them some questions. Most of them seem to be taking the class because they feel that the field of history is moving in that direction. They also feel that their knowledge in this area could be better. We went over the syllabus and talked through the mechanics of the class (grading, assignments, lab location, etc.). I told them that one of the hardest things for me was going to be to make sure that the work I assigned them matched the one hour credit they are getting for the class. I am sensitive to this for 2 reasons: 1) I have never taught a 1 hour course before and this is new territory for me; and 2) my wife was a music education major and took lots of 1 and 2 hour credit courses that required more work than many of my 3 hour credit classes. Their homework this week was to 1) log in to WebCT and send me an email; 2) create an account in Second Life and try to locate IUP’s Crimson Island; and 3) take the 50 minute pre-test for the course in WebCT. I have to finish grading the pre-tests tonite, but so far it looks like my idea of what I thought they know and don’t know isn’t accurate. No surprise here, the old guy is out of touch with the younger generation. Oh, and so far most of them are having trouble with SL – hopefully it is just a lab issue.


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