Poster Arrives After All

Well, I guess I owe US Air an apology, my poster arrived at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. The PVC tube was a but worse for the wear, the handle was torn completely apart – but the poster was undamaged. I was pleased to see how many people showed up to see if I needed help setting up the poster. Most of them stayed through the poster session 11-3 and learned what I already knew – standing around for 4 hours is very tiring. And no, it is not just me being old or out of shape. I was happy to hear several of them say how tired doing this made them, or that their back hurt, etc. I had hoped to set up my laptop to show our Survey on Cyprus video, but was unable to get hold of a free table to set it up on.

It seemed to me to be a positive experience. Lots of people came and looked at our poster. The feedback seemed very positive, but I have to wonder if anyone would actually say that they did not like the poster or make suggestions on how to improve on it. Since we did not win best poster, we certainly can improve on it. Ah well, there is always next time.



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