Last day at AIA

The AIA is winding down, at least for me. I fly out Sunday morning at 10:00 AM, so all I will be doing tomorrow morning is packing and getting to the airport. I feel that this was a good meeting, and a successful one. We did a lot of planning for the summer, but in a different way from normal. Usually PKAP has a meeting where we sit down and for about 2 hours work through a laundry list of items. This time, I spoke to various people at different times – not all at once. It has me excited about the summer and I am looking forward to getting lots accomplished this year (sounds like a New Year’s resolution, doesn’t it?). While I was waiting for one meeting, I started uploading pictures to the PKAP website, my failure in that area was pointed out to me several times yesterday. I’ll be traveling tomorrow so no blog until Monday, when I will start a new thread I want to explore.


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