Arrival at AIA

I arrived in Chicago this evening for the AIA. I am not the best flyer in the world, so I am always relieved to land at my destination. After landing, I hustled down to the baggage carousel so I could get my bags and go on to the hotel – I still need to attach the hangers to the back of the poster. As usual, my luggage was not among the first few loads dumped on the conveyor. This time, there was a new twist – only one of my bags showed up. The missing one was a white PVC tube, 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter, with the PKAP poster in it. To say I was unhappy was an understatement. My airline, which I won’t name (but its initials are U S Air) seemed to think it would show up on the next flight from Charlotte (my flight was Pittsburgh to Charlotte to Chicago). I had a minor meltdown in the missing baggage office, but left with the assurance that I should hear from them by 7:00 or so. When 8:00 arrived with no word of the poster’s arrival, I called the number they gave me and jumped out of the automated system to speak to a live representative who repeated what I already knew. I once again melted down about the situation and the representative helpfully said "Uh huh" whenever I paused in my tirade. So, I am sitting in my room watching TV and waiting…..


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