AIA Poster

I spent the day doing lots of small things – unpacking, cleaning, and getting ready for traveling to Chicago for the American Institute of Archaeology’s annual meeting. We need to arrange a meeting for the PKAP staff that will be there, so that we can try to make some initial plans for this summer. As PKAP has grown, this has gotten to be quite a juggling act – a far cry from me, David, and Bill sitting down to talk over coffee. Anyway, I did try to do some serious work and realized that I had not updated the PKAP pages, so I spent some time tonite trying to post a jpg of the poster on the PKAP website and that turned out to be quite frustrating. The final poster was over 100 megs in Adobe Illustrator and took some work to get it small enough to upload and download easily. Anyway it is finally up on the Poster page of the website – it doesn’t look quite as good as it does printed out, but it is good enough to give people an idea of what it looks like.


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